"My experience with Lynn as a nutritional coach was excellent. A lifetime of poor eating habits were taking a toll on my body and health. I was tired, out of shape, and dependent on diet Coke throughout the day. With Lynn's knowledge, expertise, and gentle guidance, I was able to kick the diet Coke habit and start on a path of healthier eating. As a result of these lifestyle changes my energy and mood improved and I lost 17 pounds in the first month! I no longer drink any soda or sweetened beverages. Thanks to Lynn's step by step coaching and level of knowledge, I feel great and have the tools to live a healthier life. I highly recommend Lynn Tandler for all your nutritional and wellness needs."

Jon from California

"Nutrition Coach Lynn, at Longevity Wellness, paved a new path to wellness for me; one that I had given up on. I was searching for anything to help me have more energy, less aches and pains, relief from stomach issues, and uneven moods. I never realized my food choices were contributing to all of these symptoms. Lynn provided with with education on how different foods were affecting me, step by step coaching, positive support, and lots of ideas of alternate foods with recipes so I didn't feel like I was on a "diet". During difficult days I could reach Lynn right away and she would give me a concrete action to take to maintain my progress. My family loved the new recipes and also benefitted from the changes. Lynn helped me understand this was a lifestyle change and not a fad diet or a temporary plan. After 30 days I was waking up without any aches or pains, and had energy to get through the day without needing caffeine or a sugar fix. I was sleeping better and my stomach issues disappeared. And finally the scale budged showing I lost 14 pounds! Lynn's nutritional and wellness coaching led me to a new level of health. I now have new tools, ideas, and resources to stay on this path. I highly recommend Lynn Tandler as a nutritional coach. She has knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of health related topics. She takes the time to understand the reason behind the health problem and individualizes a plan for success. I am grateful for renewed health! "

Anne from Florida

"Lynn helped me adjust and improve my approach to nutrition and eating. Working with her has helped me plan meals and eat more nutritionally. I feel better, healthwise, because of changes in my eating habits."


Marilyn from Colorado


"I was told by my doctor to go on a gluten diary free diet because of stomach craps that kept me awake at night. Luckily, a friend told me about Lynn, a nutritionist. She is the best!  She helped me learn all the best choices of food, supplements, exercise, and ways to reduce stress. Lynn truly cares about her clients well being and today I'm totally well. I would highly recommend her to everyone."

Nancy C. from Colorado

"Lynn is great to work with! She has good attention to detail, and always does what she says she will do. She has helped me become healthier in all aspects of my life, from sleep, exercise, stress, and nutrition to mention a few. I would recommend her to anyone looking to increase the quality of your life through whole body wellness."

Jeff from Colorado

"Meeting and learning from Lynn has been a very positive experience. Lynn is a great teacher and she goes the extra mile to help you understand and meet your goals. Lynn is very professional and very knowledgeable."

Gregg and Nancy from Colorado

"Lynn worked thoroughly on my issue of reflux until we found out the foods to avoid and made many helpful suggestions. She took a lot of time and effort helping me and is good about thinking "outside the box" to find the right direction."


Sandra from Colorado


"Lynn was very helpful with ideas on how to eat a more nutritious diet. She took my likes and dislikes into account. The meal plan she made for me was very helpful."

Marcia from Colorado

"Lynn's professional attitude and personal attention she provides to each of her clients makes her top notch in her field. Lynn helped me identify my nutritional goals and helped me understand ways to be successful on my own. Under her guidance, I learned not only invaluable information on eating healthy and living healthy, but a lot about myself as well. I would definitely recommend Longevity Wellness LLC to anyone looking for nutritional health and support with maintaining a healthy lifestyle."

Katie from Colorado

"It was really great working with Lynn. She helped me find some nutritional remedies to help me with my issues. I had a lot of issues with digestion and she helped me find recipes to help this. I am very grateful for the help that I received from Lynn! I have improved a great deal and am in a much better position today than I was one year ago when we first met. Much better diet, regular exercise, and reduced usage of prescription medication. Starting to feel like a human again. If you have any further doubts please ask Lynn for my phone number and I will be happy to take your call".

Owen from Colorado

"When my daughter told me she decided that she only wanted to eat oranges and drink water to be thinner I knew it was time to call in someone who knew something about health and nutrition. Lynn was so developmentally appropriate with my pre-teen. Her style is totally non-judgmental. She had visual aids, personal humorous stories and an easy to follow plan. Both my daughter and myself learned so much from Lynn. Her follow up is equally caring and reasonable. Lynn is dedicated to helping her clients learn about nutrition and she is very passionate and knowledgeable on the topic. I recommend Lynn for families wanting to learn to be healthy."


K - from Colorado


"I contacted Lynn because a friend told me I should get healthy before my hip surgery. I was not sure what Lynn would recommend but I called her a couple of months before my surgery. Am I glad I called! Lynn recommended I change my diet and eat lots of vegetables with my protein and carbs. Instead of my daily Mountain Dew, I started drinking water, and tea in the morning instead of coffee. I cut back on sugar and foods with gluten. Some of the pain I was experiencing in my hip went away and I had more energy. Surgery went really well and so did recovery. I feel better than I have in years!"


Paul - from Maine